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New Release of Secrets Will Kill at Anderson's Bookshop

Secrets Will Kill Now Available!

Secrets Will Kill Now Available!

Everyone has a secret, but is it a secret that will kill? In Vivian Rios’ red-hot novel, Secrets Will Kill, the price of keeping a secret turns deadly.

Chicago hematologist, Dr. Lena Austin is awakened in the middle of the night by her son’s frightened pleas for help. Feeling overall stressed from her mother’s illness, work and life in general, Lena decides to do what she always does when in need of release; she goes out for a run in her safe, neighborhood park. Former Navy SEAL and now DEA Special Agent in Charge, Nicolas Vega and his Special Forces team are staked out waiting for the drug exchange between a notorious local drug lord and the DEA’s undercover agent. Nick wants desperately to take down the man that nearly cost him his career a decade ago and has eluded prosecution for years. The stage is set and just as the exchange is about to be made, Lena, who is out for what she assumes is a quick, uneventful jog, runs right into the middle of the drug bust.

Lena has done her best to stay out of the spotlight in hopes of keeping her family’s whereabouts secret. Her secret has been safe for fifteen years until she is thrust in the center of Nick’s drug bust and told she may have to testify. The mere thought of being forced into the public eye of a courtroom sends Lena in a tailspin of emotion and she turns to Nick for comfort. The handsome DEA agent becomes immediately enthralled with the beautiful doctor and is drawn to her like a magnet.

Secrets Will Kill will take you on a sensual, suspenseful and sizzling journey of love, murder and deceit while Nick and Lena fight to protect their love and their lives. Now available at Anderson's Bookshop, Naperville, at, and in Ebook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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