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Festival Web Marketing Checklist

The more the merrier! Use your website to get visitors to your summer event.

The more the merrier! Use your website to get visitors to your summer event.

Festival and fair season is here. Advertising to catch the tourist’s eye is a must, as are articles in the “weekender” section of the newspaper, radio Public Service Announcements and community calendars. But all of those messages should refer back to one location for complete details – your website. Keep in mind these 5 points to create your best festival website.

Be Thorough with Details
Even you have held the same Kraut Fest for 80 years that doesn’t mean “everyone” knows the details. New people move into town. Vacationers from out-of-state hear a review. Old-timers need handicapped parking for the first time. Give every last detail on your website and a “Contact Us” form as well.

Consider a “Microsite”
“Microsites” are focused, and often temporary, websites that serve a single function. For example, let’s say Amalgamated Worldwide has an office in Smallville where the employees put on a Krazy Karnival for Kancer. Rather than bury the event information somewhere in the bowels of the Amalgamated Worldwide website, the Smallville employees could create a microsite.

For about $6 a month the Krazy Karnival site could have totally different branding than the Amalgamated site and an optimized URL which would make information easier for visitors to find and to find and use.

Optimize your PDF
Often the marketing committee gets a beautiful brochure made and then, to save effort and costs, uploads a pdf of the brochure onto the webpage. Sure, all the information is available, but can anyone find it? If the pdf isn’t text-based, search engines can’t index the appropriate keywords and that means your potential visitors won’t be able to find your event info when they search for it.

Design for Mobile Users
More people than ever are using their mobile devices for search, particularly if they’re on the road and need some last minute information like where to park or when the parade starts. When marketing your event, make sure your web page is visible and easy to navigate on a mobile device.

Plan for your Audience
Think through who will be using your site and how you can make it benefit them – because that will in turn benefit your event.

Of course your site will be used by the average visitor, but you will also want to provide information for visitors looking for handicap parking and other special requirements. Consider creating unique pages for your volunteers, too, to simplify logistics.

Feature your sponsors, complete with links to their own websites, to add even more value to their donations. And if you track visitors with a tool like Google Analytics, you can provide your sponsors with valuable statistics when the event is over. Also remember that the media will be visiting your site when writing news articles. Make it easy for them to market your event for you!

Speaking as festival attendees, we encourage you to make the most of your website to help folks like us get to your event. Speaking as website developers, we’re happy to help you do so. Contact us today at to get started.

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