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Father's Day Tribute- John Newton, 1700's Amazing Grace Writer/21 Letters to Daughter

Letters And Reflections to My Adopted Daughers by John Newton (Amazing Grace)

Letters And Reflections to My Adopted Daughers by John Newton (Amazing Grace)

With Father's Day on the horizon thoughts turn to dads and the legacy they impress upon their children. Ten years ago Naperville resident Jody Moreen found a rare book treasure. While scouring Ebay for books to add to her ever growing adoption library,she saw a vintage book from 1893, Letters To An Adopted Daughter. She bid on it for $10 and won. When the small antique book arrived in the mail she intently read the 21 beautiful penned letters. They were written in old English in the 1700's by a godly father and they were filled with edification, spiritual guidance and fatherly counsel. She was surprised to discover that the author, John Newton was a British pastor and hymn writer of the well known classic hymn, Amazing Grace. As a daughter and an adoptee, she was touched and inspired by this father's endearing words and felt they were deserving of reaching a modern audience. In 2004 she compiled a book, Letters and Reflections to My Adopted Daughters. This volume included Newton's letters to his daughter Elizabeth Catlett and also another small volume of his reflections of his 14 year old daughter Eliza Cunningham's strong faith during her last weeks of life. Both daughters were his orphaned nieces who lost their parents at a young age.
It's inspiring to note that Newton was a former uneducated slave trader who was transformed when God reached down and "saved a wretch like me" so the hymn says. Newton took on the daunting challenge of adopting his orphaned nieces, even when his upbringing was less than ideal. He lost his godly mother to death when he was six years old and was then raised by his vile and unloving father. Parents who are flustered with the day to day challenges of parenting will be encouraged to glimpse into the heart of a father who loved God with his entire being. His letters reflect his determination to allow his faith to fully permeate every aspect of his parenting. ( Pleasant Word/ a division of Wine Press Publishing 2004 )

Jody Moreen, Facilitator Adoptees, Birth Parents & Adoption Parents Together- Triad Support Group, Naperville, IL.

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