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Business Booming in North Naperville

DynaCom Center I, home to ENFOS, Inc. - Owned and Operated by DynaCom Management.

DynaCom Center I, home to ENFOS, Inc. - Owned and Operated by DynaCom Management.

Naperville businesses are booming in the northern business corridor. Both ENFOS, Inc. an environmental business management solutions firm, and 1st Farm Credit Services, an agricultural lender, are announcing their new and larger office spaces. The two companies are expanding their offices in spaces owned by DynaCom Management.

ENFOS, Inc. expanded their offices and are now occupying 2,545 square feet at 1952 McDowell Road this May, an increase from their 1,525 square foot offices on Wall Street.

1st Farm Credit Services has expanded their current offices at 1560 Wall Street. They have more than doubled the size of their office, growing from 1500 square feet to 3700 square feet. They moved into their new office suite on May 1, following a deal completed in March.

Both the DynaCom Center I at 1952 McDowell Road and the Wall Street Offices at 1560 Wall Street are owned by DynaCom Management. The buildings are just two of the six office buildings in the DynaCom portfolio.

“It’s encouraging to see these businesses expanding, I think we are really starting to see Naperville businesses rebound and find their footing,” said Ali Setork, founder and owner of DynaCom Management. “It’s always exciting to see the local economy grow, and we’re happy that companies are continuing to choose DynaCom properties.”

ENFOS, Inc. is headquartered in San Mateo, CA. ENFOS delivers comprehensive business management solutions for companies faced with the difficult task of managing environmental remediation, reclamation, and asset retirement obligations (ARO). ENFOS bridges the gaps between financial, environmental, and compliance data, providing information in context so that employees and consultants make better and faster decisions. A typical ENFOS customer achieves a ROI greater than 500 percent.

1st Farm Credit Services is based in Normal, Illinois and is the largest agricultural lender in the state. 1st Farm Credit Services operates as a cooperative: it is owned by more than 10,300 clients and is governed by a 17-member board of directors. 1st Farm Credit Services has 16 branch offices located within the northern 42 counties of Illinois.

DynaCom has over 25 years experience in managing and leasing commercial properties. The family-owned and operated business provides outstanding, individualized service, which allows DynaCom’s tenants to conduct business at an optimum efficiency level, without worrying about the details. For more information, contact Mari Rodriguez at (630) 355-2000 or visit

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