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A Life of Musical Passion from the Soul


wEs LeE “K”, is passionate about his venture into the realm of music and art. Very passionate! A long and winding road, he has been blessed with the chance to be an integral part of the lives of his fans and clients. A spectrum that includes working with adults with developmental disabilities, as well as elderly persons, using music and art as modes for therapeutic recreation and expression. And has started performing in front of a growing number of fans, seeing him perform live or listening to him on CD. The recording engineers he works with coined him and his project as “The wEs LeE “K” Experience”. And the unique spelling of the name is something that came over time.

Seemingly tireless, wEs LeE “K”, is a local artist who hopes to continue to perform a variety of shows in the Chicago area. And…to take the show on the road to one degree or another. While the albums he has recorded have full electronic and acoustic instrumentation, plus vocals, he prefers an avant-garde approach, performing solo with his various instruments (especially guitar!), or perhaps with his percussionist, Scottie Emmerling and maybe some friends joining in at some shows.
Says wEs: “I love to perform a style of classical, flamenco, blues, jazz and rock fusion. Not necessarily all within one song, but rather over the course of a session or concert. And I love working with people with special needs and seeing the difference music and art can make”. And they so often show such appreciation – sometimes immense appreciation! The heart, mind and senses come into play. People respond, often relaxing while simultaneously being stimulated emotionally and mentally. It is therapeutic entertainment. Their expression and body language often changes, apparently transforming inwardly into a more blissful place for the moment.

The current musical style and lifestyle of wEs LeE “K”, is much different than it used to be. Wes had a long rock and roll history, that included the rock nightlife, coming close to being signed to a couple possible deals and being pursued by female fans. It was all fun in a lot of ways, asserts wEs, but in the end it doesn't compare to how things are now. Wes loves his career as it currently is and how it bodes well with having a family.

An entrepreneur at heart, he reinvented himself more than once. Fairly recently, he left the typical band format with all it's ups and downs. Left it to settle into his much preferred solo career that incorporates the following: his indie label, Hurricane Warning Records, inc; his merchandise sales; concerts; working with persons in a recreational/musical/artistic therapy modality; time with his family and closest friends; and his faith in God.

Look for upcoming articles and posts, as he continues on the adventure of artistic expression and all the fans and clients that come along on a very personal ride!

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