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Prostitution & the constitution

I have seen a rash of busts in variouse parts of Illinois. for prostitution. where I have a problem with this, is that the constituion says you have the same privillages rights and immunitys as thos in this state and others, so if your state adopted the united states constitution then, prostituion is legal in the state of nevada, in variouse areas, so there for prostitution can not be a crime in IL. or any other state,
now states may claim the sovernty butthey lose a section of it via the writing of the constitution, if a judge denys the constituion then he denys what vest the power in him to be a judge and do so via the job he does so he has no power because as part of his oath of office. contract he,she has to up hold the constitution. now wheathe or not those women payed taxes on there income from there transaction is another matter, it also would lead to question there right to form a contract with other persons so how could that be a crime if the constitution says you have the right to contract & the same immunitys of those in this state and others. you retained the right to vote via that federal constituion so why not retain the same rights and privliges and immunitys, the4 women that were recently arrested for this say they get a jail term, of one year that 50 thousand dollars for each one 200 grand ok now if in fact they have theses rights to contract and immunitys via the constitution then you tax payers just got screwed out of 200 grand, so if suckem silly sally wants to sell it let her she is suppose to be from religiouse persicution,and its souly based on a religiouse belief that a person should not prostitued ones self, thats where the ethics some from.marriage is nothing more than a man or woman tradeing sex and other domestic dutys for money and food with a state lic# hence thats why they do allinoney and child support and child support and dead beat parts is a joke because if a state wanted to they would awared joint legal phyical sutody to both parents 6 month split ends dead beat parents all together they both have to support the kid 6 months out of there year and that creates equal exspences, they just want the 20 dollar fee for a difital record they keep from the partys and the 50 grand a year for each one they throw in jail for not paying when half can find where there child is because the state prohibits the child suport division from giveing out the address of where the child is located hence provokeing civl un rest from non residential parents aka domestic violence disturbing the piece, women could become more prevelent in the work place or get an education from collage if both parents split custody 6 months 6 months and would end up being more equal to men examine the facts i have writen about love to hear your thoughts

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