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Penn Jillette to Visit Naperville on June 7

Penn Jillette To Share His New Book, God, NO!

Penn Jillette To Share His New Book, God, NO!

With his big, bold presence, humor and ability to tackle ideas head-on, Penn Jillette has become a cultural phenomenon. The public can meet him on Thursday, June 7, when Anderson’s Bookshop will present a special event at Meiley-Swallow Hall, 31 S. Ellsworth, on the campus of North Central College, in Naperville. Jillette is a pop culture personality, and half of the world-famous, Emmy award-winning magic duo, Penn & Teller. Beginning at 7:00 p.m., Jillette will discuss his book, God, NO!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales, newly released in paperback. The author will offer his own interpretation of the Ten Commandments and so much more, followed by a booksigning. Admission tickets are included with the purchase of the author’s new book from Anderson’s Bookshop, 123 W. Jefferson Ave. in downtown Naperville (630-355-2665).

About the Book: Not only can the man rant, he can write. From the larger, louder half of the world-famous magic duo Penn & Teller comes God, NO! a scathingly funny reinterpretation of The Ten Commandments. They are The Penn Commandments, and they reveal one outrageous and opinionated atheist's experience in the world. In this rollicking yet honest account of a godless existence, Penn takes readers on a roller coaster of exploration and flips conventional religious wisdom on its ear to reveal that doubt, skepticism, and wonder — all signs of a general feeling of disbelief — are to be celebrated and cherished, rather than suppressed. And he tells some pretty damn funny stories along the way. From performing blockbuster shows on the Vegas Strip to the adventures of fatherhood, from an on-going dialogue with proselytizers of the Christian Right to the joys of sex while scuba diving, Jillette's self-created Decalogue invites his reader on a journey of discovery that is equal parts wise and wisecracking.

About the Author: Penn Jillette is an American magician, comedian, and author, and is half of Penn & Teller. Jillette began his career as a juggler, graduating from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and in 1981 he teamed up with his friend Teller for a famous off-Broadway show. Until 2010, Penn & Teller hosted the popular Showtime television show Penn & Teller: Bullshit! in which they debunked popular misconceptions or pseudo-scientific beliefs. Jillette is an outspoken advocate of atheism and libertarianism.

Praise for God, No! "People who say that libertarians have no heart or atheists have no soul need to read this book. Because Penn Jillette has a lot of both." — MATT STONE and TREY PARKER, creators of South Park and the award-winning Broadway musical The Book of Mormon

"There are few people in the country who question more boldly, brashly, and bravely than my friend Penn Jillette. This book is funny, provocative, and profane. But is it right? God, no!" –GLENN BECK

"This planet has yielded exactly one mutual friend for Glenn Beck and me and that friend has written a brilliant book called God, No! Penn reveals 'the big secret of magic,' tells you why tattoos are perfect expressions of atheism and exactly what to eat when you know you're going to vomit later." –LAWRENCE O'DONNELL

"Penn Jillette is a twenty-first-century Lord of Misrule: big, boisterously anarchic, funny, Rabelaisian, impossible and unique. There isn't–couldn't be–better not be–anybody like him." –RICHARD DAWKINS, bestselling author of The Greatest Show on Earth and The God Delusion

About Anderson’s Bookshops: Sponsoring this upcoming program is Anderson’s Bookshops, specializing in book sales, author events, booksignings, and building a sense of community, learning and fun. The store has been helping Naperville readers for six generations. In 1878, Oswald’s pharmacy began selling books as a service to customers. So successful was that side of the business that it became an independent entity in 1964. Based in downtown Naperville, the store has grown with the community ever since. A second location is also open in downtown Downers Grove, at 5112 Main Street (630)-963-2665. A gift shop, Anderson’s Two-Doors East, at 111 W. Jefferson Ave., in Naperville, opened in the fall of 2009. Key to Anderson’s success has been special author events, like the June 7 program with Penn Jillette at Meiley-Swallow Hall. To keep updated about other Anderson’s events, please visit

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