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Good Reads for Adults from the Naperville Public Library

Love mysteries with lots of plot twists? Talk to Mary V.

Love mysteries with lots of plot twists? Talk to Mary V.

Case Histories
By Kate Atkinson
In Case Histories Kate Atkinson writes more of a “how does everything fit together” rather than a traditional mystery. Three separate crimes come to the attention of Jackson Brodie, a private detective living in Cambridge, England. The first is the disappearance of Olivia Land, the youngest daughter of Rosemary and Victor Land. The second occurs when Theo Wyre’s daughter, Laura, comes to work in his law office. One day a man in a yellow sweater comes in, pulls a knife and slashes Laura’s throat, killing her. In the third case, Michelle Fletcher argues with her husband, runs out to get an axe and awakes on the living room floor later in the day to find his head split open. Through routine investigation, Jackson, is able to solve each of these mysteries. Though on the surface, this is about a detective solving cases, the keyword in the title is histories. Each of the crimes took place almost ten years ago and we investigate the lives of these people, what was happening at that time that led to their deaths and how their deaths affected their families in the subsequent years.
Reading Level: Adult. Mary V.

Heads You Lose
By Lisa Lutz
In California, brother and sister, Paul and Lacey Hansen investigate why the headless corpse of Lacey’s ex-finance turned up on their property. At the same time, the authors of this novel, a couple who broke up some time ago, argue about how this novel should be written, writing each other into corners, killing off the obvious suspects, and generally thwarting each other’s efforts as they reminisce about what went wrong in their past relationship. It is hard for me to say which of the characters are my favorites: the fictional Paul and Lacey Hansen and the slew of comic characters in their lives or the authors, Liza (Lutz) and David (Hayward) with their convoluted and bizarre collaboration.
Reading Level: Adult. Mary V.

These titles and more are available at the Naperville Public Library. Check out our website, or visit one of our three buildings, Nichols Library, Naper Boulevard or 95th Street Library.

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