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"God In Ruins" Premiere


Film Premier at Center Stage Theater!

“God In Ruins” will premiere at Center Stage Theater, June 9th at 830PM. The film is created, directed, and filmed by Jack Martin and executive produced by his brother and partner Kevin Michael Martin.

“God In Ruins” revolves around finding your identity in the ludicrous hallways of a high school. What happens when those very walls seem to be closing in, how far would one go to take control? Nick Conroy devises a plan for a school shooting with his close friend until he almost loses his life in a tragic car accident. Will his friend still follow through with the plan after his partner is near death?

The Martin brothers have been highly successful in creating their production company: Martin Revelation Films. This is the second largest film the Martin Brothers will be releasing this year. Kevin, a graduate of UCLA's acting school, produced his Brother's film from Los Angeles where he shot a new tv show pilot for FOX and will be returning to Chicago for the premiere.

Kevin has been highly successful in his LA career and in a short time, is becoming a rising star, appearing in “Desperate Housewives," “NCIS,” "Franklin and Bash," as well as a TV movie for USA network called "Wild Card." He has also done numerous commercials – one appearing right now for DiGiorno’s pizza.

Jack Martin, of Downers Grove, has a deep passion for film and has been shooting and directing films with his brother Kevin since he was a young boy. His intelligence, creativity, and tenacity made the film possible. After graduating from Montini High School, he will be attending the prestigious film school of University of Southern California this August to continue his dream. Jack wrote the script and directed the feature film.

When it came time for casting “God In Ruins,” it was the easiest part of creating his film: “I was afraid of casting someone who would not be able to handle the commitment of being in front of the camera nearly ninety percent of the time, but then I was put in contact with Michael Raleigh,” said Director Jack Martin. “Michael portrayed the character of Nick perfectly and I can’t think of any other person who could have been a better fit. Finding Michael was all thanks to Olivia Palak, who played the love interest Katie. Not only did she help me with finding our main actor, but she herself was perfect for the love interest. Michael and Olivia have worked together on shows with Kidsz Kabaret and have been friends ever since they were little so having them work together made my job easier.

Mitch Lydon of Downers Grove, who plays Nick’s best friend Derrick. Mitch has been my best friend ever since Freshman year of high school and has helped me every step of the way with my films. Although he has never done any shows like Olivia and Michael have, he has a great work ethic and contributed to the growth and development of his character throughout the film. Michael, Olivia, and Mitch together made God in Ruins possible in addition to the rest of the great cast in the film! They performed to the best of their ability and worked efficiently to aid me in expressing my vision."

Michael Raleigh started acting in 4th grade and had his debut at Magical Starlight Theater in King & I. He has continued to do both community, school, and college productions, as well as professional theater productions. He started performing at Kidz Kabaret before his freshman year at Naperville Central High School – so that has been 5 years. He has also taught and worked at Kidz Kabaret as well.

Olivia Palak of Lisle started acting at age 6 at Only A Stage and performed at the American Girl Theater in Chicago, Theater Hikes, and has done commercials, independent films, and has been working on stage in professional and community productions. She performed with Michael in Magical Starlight Theater’s King & I as well – and that is when they met. Since then they have performed together on many stages, including Magical Starlight, Naperville Central High School, and at Kidz Kabaret.

Michael Raleigh of Naperville,finished his freshman year at University of Illinois and is majoring in Philosophy; however, he has continued to perform at college and will performing with Center Stage Player's college program. Olivia is at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles where she is working towards her Bachelors in Fine Arts and finished her sophomore year. She will also appear with Center Stage Players with Michael.

Trailers for the film can be found at the production company website ( They are now in pre-production for a gritty fraternity film entitled RITUAL in which Kevin will direct, their business partner Steve Santay will associate produce, and Jack is slated to be the cinematographer.

Center Stage Theater is located at 1665 Quincy Avenue; Naperville, IL 60540. To reserve a ticket, please call: 630-355-9212 or e-mail

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