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It's your thing-Do what you want to do, Right? Well it Depends.


Ah! Homeownership. I can remember my first apartment. Being saddled with decorating restrictions, the apartment never really felt like it was an expression of our personal taste. We tried to infuse some color in accents and furniture pieces. We only put up minimal amounts of art work at the landlords request because a previous tenant had "riddled the walls with holes". Perhaps they wanted more of a museum motif.

I told my husband I could not wait to buy a home and put my mark on it.

Yes, as homeowners if we like neon green walls or beads hanging in every doorway, we are within our rights. I've even shown a home that had one room painted black and it was beautifully decorated.

Each homeowner should create what is comforting for themselves and their families.

However, once a decision is made to put the property on the market, it takes a great deal of humility to make adjustments that will appeal to a large buyer pool. It is not personal. It does not mean that you do not have great taste. However if you wish to wait around to find a qualified buyer that likes orange sherbert walls as much as you do, it could be quite a while.

Neutralizing all spaces ensures the focus is on the property itself. Families always have a much easier time seeing themselves living in the home.

Yes, taking down wallpaper and painting over red walls takes time and a little money but the payoff is huge.

When watching your favorite HGTV show it is generally easy to agree with the changes the realtor makes to those homeowners. Afterall, what were THEY thinking? When your realtor is asking that the excercise equipment not be displayed in the living room they are doing their job. They want to move you into a new home so you can "have it your way" once more.

The time to List is now!

Dana M. Smith
Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell of Naperville

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