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Investing Made Simple – Free Workshop Thursday April 26th

Better to walk a path if it's lit for you in advance.

Better to walk a path if it's lit for you in advance.

Have you ever had questions about how finances work, the stock markets move or how the credit world works? Have you been too afraid to ask a question through fear of looking 'uncool' or unsophisticated? Good! Then you are NOT ALONE!! Too many of my clients have expressed that for years they went through life not knowing and being too afraid to ask simple questions regarding financial matters.

When it comes to Credit, Budgets, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and what the heck is an IRA?? I want to break it down in simple and casual terms what these 'things' are and how by NOT knowing what they are could really hurt your chances of meeting your long term financial goals. Come find out some answers to questions you've been wondering about this whole time.

Great for novice investors, curious onlookers or supportive friends. This is purely educational in nature, just an open book about how everything ties together and how you could benefit from knowing more. This is a FREE event so feel free to invite your friends to what should be a very interesting discussion, not a boring 'seminar'. This is just ONE of a series of programs that I will be hosting in the coming months. Register by April 25th and receieve a FREE copy of the book "Elephant in the Room – Sharing the Secrets for Pursuing Real Financial Success" by Ed Baker.

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