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Safety Concerns for the IVF Clinic

March 21, 2012
To the editor:
I am writing this letter in concern for the IVF clinic that is trying to go up here in our downtown Naperville area. Human life is so sacred, I believe it is very wise to take a look at how dangerous to human lives this can be by having a facility like this in our community. These long term effects are not worth the risk. I have lived in Naperville my whole life and I do not want to see these dangers to women brought to our community:
1. There will be a need for young college-aged women donating their ova to make extra money and there is an increased risk in health to their reproductive system to these women that do this. Who knows, maybe this may cause some kind of cancer in their later years of life, or sooner. When they choose to have children of their own and can make their pregnancy hazardous.
2. Human Life should never be a commodity. There will be large numbers of frozen embryos that will never be implanted or come to term. The discard of human life once the eggs are fertilized and frozen in large qualities: Not all of these "Human's" will be brought to the fullness of life and will have to be destroyed, and some of these fertilized eggs will be used for genetic testing. Life begins at conception, we need to act as responsible human beings in all aspects.
3. Lastly, there is the potential of exploitation of individuals from third world countries. Already they are targeting women from China to offer them the choice of gender, and with modern technology they could choose the color of eyes, skin, and down to the child's every feature. Women will be exploited and experimented on to create that "perfect" child.

We need to think of all the dangers associated with having a facility like this. What is the reason for bringing this destruction of life to our community? What is it we really want? We want so many things in life and with modern day technology we think we can have almost anything we want whenever we wish for it and it is ours. Sometimes yes, but at what cost? If we don't pay by our lives now, will we in the future?
I ask all readers to seriously get informed, and think about the dangers and the risks… Is any human life worth this risk?
Ruthy A. O'Malley
113 Tupelo Drive
Naperville, IL

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