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Is that the smell of sweet success in your home … Or ???

Is that the smell of sweet success in your home ... or???

Is that the smell of sweet success in your home ... or???

I'm an advocate of staging services when selling homes. I think, especially in the present challenging housing market, that sellers often-times need every advantage possible to gain the sale they seek.

I'm also the husband to a chronic migraine sufferer. And to anyone that knows and loves someone that deals with this horrendous affliction … you know that many things can prove to be a "trigger" for a headache. And that includes smells.

It has been said that nothing is more memorable than a smell. And that can be good … or bad. It only stands to reason, that if a home smells like animals, litter box, stale, musty, or of cigarettes … many potential buyers are going to balk at buying. If those odors are bad enough, carpeting, window treatments, and even drywall may have to be replaced. And that means extra expenditures for buyers.

Uh-oh. Can you say "peeeee-uuuuuuu"?? Compare that home with odors to a similarily-priced home without … and there's not much of a guess as to which home is going to sell more quickly.

That's a simple comparison. But it's been my experience as someone that has lived with a migraine sufferer for 35 years, that smells that are typically thought of as pleasant to most … can be unpleasant or toxic to someone that gets severe headaches.

ANY smell can be someone's "trigger". The reaction can be immediate, with the mere whiff of the "trigger" smell enough to start a long and painful migraine episode requiring medications … or a retreat to bed or a bathroom. (Be aware, that this can also be the reaction for someone with respiratory problems, as well.)

So as strongly as I advocate finding the "sweet smell of success" through the talents of staging professionals and the use of their staging techniques during the sale of properties … I also advocate and urge all professional Stagers, real estate agents/brokers, and home sellers themselves … to NOT place scents, perfumes, candles, potporri, air fresheners, herbs, flowers, i.e. ANY odor-producing items in properties while they are actively being shown for sale.

Should they be utilized,you may be innocently and inadvertently placing a potential buyer at health risk or in pain … and the view/sale of the home in jeopardy.

Remember, a potential buyer will never buy a home that they cannot enter or view …

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