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Good Reads for Teens from the Naperville Public Library

Karen loves to suggest titles for teens -- and their parents!

Karen loves to suggest titles for teens -- and their parents!

The Giver
by Lois Lowry
Lowry creates a world of perfect harmony – without conflict, social injustice, teenage rebellion, or even common rudeness. Through Sameness, the community’s highest principle, control has gained over many things, but many things also were lost. Life has existed this way “back and back and back” beyond the memories of all the community, except for one individual. This is a very well written, thought provoking, and emotionally involving story. A “must read” for adults as well as teens.
Reading Level: Teen & Adult Karen T.

Your Magic or Mine?
by Ann Macela
Marcus Forscher is a mathematician and a practicing warlock. He is convinced that if he could provide a modern, scientific, objective base for magic, it would revolutionize magical education while improving efficiency and increasing effectiveness. Botany professor Gloriana Morgan is also a practicing witch believes Forscher is robbing magic of its heart, soul, and traditions. When the two are booked by The Witches and Warlocks Journal for a series of debates on the nature of magic, the sparks start flying — in multiple ways. His is the language of equations. Hers is the language of nature. Although neither particularly likes the other, let alone understands the other, both begin feeling the compulsion of the ancient "soulmate imperative" drawing them to be a mated couple. When followers of each camp start resorting to violence to prove their supremacy, the two University of Texas professors have to refocus their energies on compromise and understanding in order to restore harmony. Local author Ann Macela further builds her reality, one that is not too far removed from ours, in this third book in her magic series.
Reading Level: Teen & Adult Karen T.

These titles and more are available at the Naperville Public Library. Check out our website, or visit one of our 3 buildings, Nichols Library, Naper Boulevard or 95th Street Library. Driving Directions

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