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Good Reads for Adults from the Naperville Public Library

Doing a staycation for Spring Break? Ask Karen for some good titles.

Doing a staycation for Spring Break? Ask Karen for some good titles.

“The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane”
by Katherine Howe
Harvard graduate student Connie Goodwin is surprised to find a topic for her doctoral thesis in American colonial history within her own family's past. Discovering the name Deliverance Dane secreted in a Bible leads her on a journey to self-discovery, romance, and danger. Deliverance was burned as a witch in the 1692 Salem Witch Panic. If Connie can find Deliverance's book of recipes, she will have an exceptional, unique primary source for her research. But Connie isn't the only one looking for the source of Deliverance's magic. As the story flashes between the past and the present, Howe explores history and humanity in this work of magical realism. Howe was motivated to write based upon her own family connections with the Salem Witch trials. This book is also available as a Book on CD and as an eAudiobook. Katherine Kellgren provides a nice narration of this work.
Reading Level: Adult Karen T.

“One Grave Too Many”
by Beverly Connor
Having worked at "Just one mass grave too many", forensic anthropologist Diane Fallon wants to turn her back on the world of crime and handles only the bones of prehistoric creatures. However, her old friend Frank Duncan of the Metro-Atlanta Fraud and Computer Forensics Unit needs the help of a world class "bone expert" to discover the truth from a contaminated crime scene. When Star, the daughter of Frank's best friend, is charged with the murder of her entire family, Diane can no longer resist the call of criminal forensics. City politics, shady real-estate deals, and a vengeful South American strong man all overlap and interfere with the investigation. The ninth and most recent Diane Fallon investigation is “One Grave Less”.
Reading Level: Adult Karen T.

These titles and more are available at the Naperville Public Library. Check out our website, or visit one of our 3 buildings, Nichols Library, Naper Boulevard or 95th Street Library.

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