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Good Reads for Adults from the Naperville Public Library

Talk with Mary C. for books to banish winter boredom!

Talk with Mary C. for books to banish winter boredom!

Looking for some distraction during the winter weather? Try losing yourself in these literary fantasies.

Book of Lost Things
John Connolly
Twelve year old David is still reeling from the death of his mother when his father remarries. Soon a new baby is on the way and the boy feels even more isolated and alone. He finds solace in books, but when they begin speaking to him he quickly finds himself trapped in a fantasy world. This is a dark and disturbing land where fairy tales come alive. Hunted by wolf-men and led on by the creepy and sinister Crooked Man, David must find the Book of Lost Things and make a life-altering choice in order to get home. This novel is a bit of a departure for Connolly who is best known for his Charlie Parker thrillers. While some elements are borrowed from well loved fairy tales, Connolly is able to reimagine them to create a story of his own. This is a coming of age story written for adults.
Reading Level: Adult Mary C.

The Stolen Child
Keith Donohue
This book follows, in alternating chapters, the lives of a human boy and the changeling who takes his place. Henry Day was kidnapped by changelings at age seven and now lives with his captors deep in the woods, like a pack of feral children. They do not age, but spend year after year and decade after decade waiting for an opportunity to reenter the human world. The boy’s discontent grows as the time passes and he becomes increasingly preoccupied by the life he could have led. The new Henry also feels out of place in his new reality. He is haunted by the memories of the boy he used to be and, as he ages, is increasingly fearful that the life he has stolen will be taken from him. This fantasy, rooted in a very realistic setting, examines the concepts of identity, alienation, and finding the place where you truly belong.
Reading Level: Adult Mary C.

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