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Chicken Coops and Bird Brains

Naperville City Council
Three councilmen who will go un-mentioned can get exercised about how chickens roam, reside and shelter on some guy’s property because a few neighbors complained about the clucking.
Nobody bothered to ask if the off-fall of their waste could be used to generate reusable energy and, as such, be a significant contributor to Naperville’s cutting edge green, Agenda 21 reputation. Instead of a chicken in every pot we could have a children’s contest to design a logo showing a chicken roosting on top of each house’s smart meter.
The chicken could act like a canary in a coal mine. If the chicken died from EMR you could just leave it for a day and have roast chicken for dinner.
Birds have always been disparaged because of their pea sized brains. Some bi-peds, maybe even some on the city council, seem to display a similar handicap when they stick their head in the sand and hope a problem will just go away. This “sky is falling” mentality against a non-binding referendum that over 4,000 residents requested is a case in point.
The PR disaster brought upon our fair city by this council’s actions re: smart meters is beyond comprehension. The childish antics and bravado demonstrated by some council members can only be described by the crude saying for chicken defecation.
You can still turn this sow’s ear onto a silk purse by letting the tax-paying, voting citizens of Naperville have a legitimate say in weather THEY want smart meters. Stop the grade school bulling and give us a real op-out by letting us keep the analog meters and charging a reasonable cost to read them; six times a year as is currently done.
Hopefully, city council will rejoin the human race and stop acting like “bird brains!”

G H Schilling

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