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Good Reads for Adults from the Naperville Public Library

Talk with Karen about great reads no matter what interests you!

Talk with Karen about great reads no matter what interests you!

Thief of Time
by Tony Hillerman
A wonderful Leaphorn/Chee mystery based around a missing archaeologist. As usual, Hillerman includes wonderful geographical information and setting; but he also adds information about Anasazi history, Anasazi pottery, Navajo culture, archaeological ethics, and personal issues from Leaphorn and Chee’s lives to the mix. The mystery has a surprising twist, but even if you figure out “who-dun-it”, the story remains interesting and delightful.
Reading Level: Adult Karen T.

Jack Absolute
by C. C. Humphreys
C. C. Humphreys was enchanted by a character he played in the theater — Jack Absolute. Here, Humphrey's tells us the story of Jack's participation in the American Revolution. Jack is a British soldier, spy, and lady's man. The first half of the novel focuses on the Battle of Saratoga. As a blood brother to a Mohawk Native American who lived with the tribe after marrying into it, he is General Burgoyne best hope for getting the Six Nations of the Iroquois to side with the British. The second half of the story focuses more on espionage and double agents, including a conspiracy involving the Illuminati splitter group within the Masons.
Reading Level: Adult Karen T.

The Queen’s Man
by Sharon Kay Penman
In this book set between December 1192 and March 1193, the main question on everyone’s mind is where is Richard the Lionheart. Justin de Quincy fulfills a dying man’s request to deliver a letter to Queen Eleanor and soon finds himself caught in royal politics between Eleanor and Richard’s younger brother John. Justin becomes the Queen’s man and is sent to investigate the death of the original messenger. This is great historical fiction, and the first in the de Quincy series.
Reading Level: Adult Karen T.

These titles and more are available at the Naperville Public Library. Check out our website, or visit one of our 3 buildings, Nichols Library, Naper Boulevard or 95th Street Library.

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