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Good Reads for Adults from the Naperville Public Library

After turkey talk thrillers and vampires and zombies with Karen!

After turkey talk thrillers and vampires and zombies with Karen!

Turn away from turkey this weekend and instead indulge in zombie, goth and vampire thrillers suggested by Naperville Public Library staff members.

by David Moody
Danny McCoyne is suffering though his frustrating life which including a boring, disagreeable job and being overwhelmed by the needs of his three children and wife. The McCoyne family's typical weekend is disrupted when they witness an unusual number of acts of violence. As the quantity of violence catches the attention of the news outlets, Danny and his wife continue to reassure themselves that everything is still normal. But waves of fear-aggression seem to be sweeping all of England, turning average people into raging killers, dubbed Haters. As the chaos spreads, Danny's world goes mad. One moment, a man is living his normal life, the next, he feels suddenly terrified. Then he feels the urge to strike out, to strike first, to kill. And he has become a Hater. But are the Haters dangerous, or are the others dangerous to the Haters? Who are the Haters, and who are the hated? Fans of zombie stories should enjoy the twist on classic themes as well as the tone and presentation in this first of a new trilogy.
Reading Level: Adult Karen T.

The Passage
by Justin Cronin
Cronin’s first installment in an epic trilogy has been garnering a lot of press with its mixture of literary fiction style and genre fiction appeal elements. The fast paced action begins with science being twisted to military purposes thus creating a vampire apocalypse. The complex and compelling characters are drawn in detail and with great empathy. Jumping 92 years after the initial infection, the story follows a group of survivors, lead by one young girl, who set out to prevent the extinction of humanity and the end of civilization.
Reading Level: Adult Karen T.

Interview with the Vampire
by Anne Rice
I find Rice’s Vampire series very entrancing. Although there is some gothic darkness, the books invoke more sensuality than fear. Rice is an excellent writer who wraps you up in the story, characters, and the characters' emotions. As she explores every emotion from isolation to lust, she also describes New Orleans, and its history, wonderfully. Don’t be frightened away by the word vampire, but give this book a try!
Reading Level: Adult Karen T.

Phantom Prey
by John Sandford
The 18th Prey novel revolves around revenge and a woman with multiple personality disorder. When a goth teenager turns up missing, a chain reaction sets off one personality in a killer. The killer then seeks revenge by killing goths who knew the missing girl. Although you may quickly determine who is killing the goths, finding out what happened to the original teenager, and why, remains a source of suspense for much longer. Richard Ferrone is an excellent narrator of noir style detective stories, and shines in the audio version.
Reading Level: Adult Karen T.

These titles and more are available at the Naperville Public Library. Check out our website, or visit one of our 3 buildings, Nichols Library, Naper Boulevard or 95th Street Library. Driving Directions

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