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Cantigny Green Fair

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Small businesses can make a big difference in our communities. As the cooler autumn air is approaching, Illinois Insulators is busy helping homeowners get their homes professionally weatherized and air sealed with various insulation applications so they can be prepared for the colder temperatures ahead.
The U.S Department of Energy recently increased its Insulation recommendation for our region to up to R-49 in attics!

Opening your energy bills doesn’t have to be such a
daunting experience. Illinois Insulators uses Owens Corning
Insulation and once added to your home, you can reduce the cost
of heating and cooling energy bills by up to 20%.
That’s 20% savings—month after month, year after
year. In other words, it’s a smart investment that pays
for itself quickly and for as long as you own the home.

Attic Insulation is the most important; however, there are lots of other areas in your home that you may be losing energy. Some areas to consider are: crawlspaces, exterior walls, garage walls & ceilings (especially garages with bedrooms above).

Discover how good it feels to live in a
well-insulated home—especially when you
find out how much money you’re savings.
Its's time to say hello to lower energy bills!

We will be at the Cantigny Green Fair on Saturday September 24, 2011 educating the community how affordable it can be to be more energy efficient and have a more "Green Home"!
For more information or Free Estimate-Contact: Illinois Insulators at #630-674-4271 or

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