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Cupcakes and Pickles

help yourself

help yourself

For my 500 Things Project, I have been getting rid of one thing every day for a total of 500 days, until my son Sam leaves for college next week. Today #495: Glass plates and candlesticks…

I don’t read self-help books. Unless you count Calvin and Hobbes.

Oh yeah, those two can really show you how to get out of a pickle!

For regular pickles (i.e. problems that are not careening-out-of-control-space-ships or rampaging dino-bullies), I keep to the advice we got from Sam’s pediatrician:

Eat four crackers, drink some cranapple juice, and go play outside.

In other words, have a snack and breathe. This is pure genius.

With 7 days left until my beloved son leaves, I am constantly reminding myself to breathe. Breathe. And make cupcakes. I’ve cupcaked 3 times in the last few days.

* For Sam’s sweetheart’s departure for Perdue;
* For our neighbor’s seventeenth birthday;
* For Sam.

When I’m in a pickle, I think cupcakes.

My affection for cupcakes and devotion to downsizing dovetailed this weekend when I saw a great suggestion on Wise Bread, a frugal-living website I follow. Take some glass candlesticks and glue glass plates to the tops: Instant cake stands!

In my case: Lots of candlesticks to downsize + lots of plates to downsize = Lots of gifts to give. Just add cupcakes.

Not pickles.

Although my family does love a pickle (the cucumber kind):

* The first time Paul peeked into my family’s refrigerator, he counted 13! jars of pickles.
* My father would crack up his 2 year-old granddaughter by singing, “A B C D pickle pickle pickle!”
* Favorite episode of The Andy Griffith Show? “The Pickle Story,” of course.

Pickles and cupcakes. Apparently my self-help reading also includes cookbooks.

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