Good Reads for Kids from the Naperville Public Library

Avoid the “Summer Slide!” Help your kids maintain their reading skills during the summer months. Here are some titles that reluctant readers are sure to enjoy!

I Don't Believe It, Archie!
by Andrew Norriss (Good for reluctant readers + Humor)
Archie is an ordinary boy to whom extraordinary things happen. On Monday, he sees a piano rolling down the hill, trapping his new friend Cyd in her car and then sees it get buried when a truck tips a load of gravel on top of it. But Cyd is OK, thanks to Archie. On Tuesday, he is blamed for killing a dog he is actually rescuing. On Wednesday, he discovers the hard way that the door handles at his local library have been coated with super glue. And so it goes, each day bringing a new predicament for Archie. Fortunately for him, having his new friend Cyd by his side makes each adventure easier to handle and explain. Join Archie and Cyd for a whole week’s worth of surprises and escapades. A good read aloud book and for reluctant readers.

Little Dog, Lost
by Marion Dane Bauer (Good for reluctant readers + Realistic Fiction)
Buddy and her boy, were perfectly matched and perfectly happy together. But nothing, not even the sweetest love, can be certain of lasting forever.” Free-verse prose tells the story of a friendly dog named Buddy who has a loving owner, and life seems perfect for this dog. Buddy’s owner is a young boy who plays fetch, gives kisses, and knows just where to scratch. Life is wonderful for Buddy until his owner moves to the city and cannot take Buddy along. Although the young boy finds a new owner to take care of Buddy, the love and attention provided by the new owner just isn’t the same. Buddy decides to take a risk and leave the safety of his new home in search of an owner that will care for him much more. Meanwhile, in the small town of Erthly, a young boy named Mark is lonely and desperate for a pet. Could fate find a way to pair these two together? This story is written in free-verse and is a wonderful choice for pet-lovers and readers that are new to chapter books. (sr)

Cheesie Mack is Not a Genius or Anything
by Stephen L. Cotler and Adam McCauley (Good for reluctant readers + Humor)
Ronald Mack, nicknamed "Cheesie," writes this story of a mysterious envelope, an old coin, and evil sister (his), a dead sister (not his), a super best friend, his fifth grade graduation disaster, a haunted house and so much more. A humorous and fast paced adventure sure to catch your interest and keep it. One of the fun parts of this book is you can go to the author's website and give your input as the story goes on.
Liz L.

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