Good Reads for Kids from the Naperville Public Library

Something to Hold (Realistic Fiction)
by Katherine L. Schlick Noe
In 1960, 11-year-old Kitty and her family move to Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon. Her father is a forester with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, so Kitty attends school on the reservation. Kitty finds it hard to fit in at school when she is one of the only non-Indian students. But as the school year passes, she begins to appreciate the new culture in which she is immersed. Kitty also finds her voice and stands up to the discrimination she witnesses against her new friends.
Reading Level: Grades 4 & Up Lisa S.

Love of the Game (Realistic Fiction)
by John Coy
Calling all boys who love sports, and are in or will be in middle school. This is a book for you. Four boys, who have been friends forever, look out for each other during their adjustments to middle school, as well as their individual challenges at home. Add to the mixture their love of playing sports and you will feel all their humorous and painful experiences together. The story is in first person narrative and has equal parts of middle school, sports, and growing issues. This is the author’s 3rd book in his 4 for 4 series. The others are about baseball and soccer. It is not necessary to read them in order.
Reading Level: Grades 4 & Up Susan Kenney

The Absolute Value of Mike (Realistic Fiction)
by Kathryn Erskine
Everyone has a special talent and the “absolute value” of a person is often hard to spot! Consider 14-year-old Mike, who is the son of a math genius, and finds his own talent in combining people, not numbers. While is father goes to Romania for 6 weeks to teach, Mike spends the summer with 80-year old relatives and meets a host of sad characters in the town of Do Over, Pennsylvania. Eventually, Mike rallies the town to raise money for an overseas adoption and learns to appreciate the good in everyone, even himself.
Reading Level: Grades 4 & Up Carla E.

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