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It's a long holiday weekend, take some time to be transported to another time and place! Reading historical fiction is fun.
Glory Be (Historical Fiction)
by Augusta Scattergood
In the summer of 1964, Glorianna June Hemphill can't wait for her 12th birthday. She was born on the fourth of July and her birthday celebration is always held at the town's swimming pool. But this year is different. The Freedom Riders have come to her Mississippi town and the segregation of blacks and whites becomes more apparent to everyone. Glorianna (Glory) faces some difficult issues with her friends, family, and community. Her letter to the editor of the local newspaper will surprise everyone!
Reading Level: Grades 5 & Up Carol M.

King of the Mound: My Summer with Satchel Paige (Historical Fiction)
by Wes Tooke
Nick has spent the last year in a hospital recovering from polio. Unlike most of the children, he is leaving the hospital and walking out on his own. Unfortunately, Nick’s limp and the brace on his left leg will make it impossible for him to play baseball again. Baseball is his life as well as his dad’s, who is a catcher for a semi-pro team in Bismark, South Dakota. Will his friends accept him? How will he get through the summer without baseball? When Satchel Paige arrives to pitch with the team and Nick begins to help around the field, Nick begins to wonder if it will be possible to return to baseball.
Reading Level: Grades 4–5 Celeste

Breaking Stalin's Nose (Historical Fiction)
by Eugene Yelchin
Ten year-old Sasha is growing up in the Soviet Union during Joseph Stalin’s rule. It is his wish to be a devoted Communist just like his father and looks forward to joining the Young Pioneers. Then one day, Sasha’s father is arrested and Sasha begins to question everything he always believed in. What will happen to Sasha now, with his father gone and his whole world crumbling down around him?
Reading Level: Grades 4 & Up Monica

Soldier Bear (Historical Fiction)
by Bibi Dumon Tak
Soldier Bear is a delightful surprise, and a welcome addition to juvenile historical fiction. Originally published in Holland, this is the story of an orphan bear cub who is adopted by Polish free soldiers in the Iranian desert during World War II. The soldiers raise the cub, and enlist him as a soldier, “Private Voytek,” to make sure he stays with them. The soldiers’ relationship, with Voytek and his animal friends, brings out their true sense of humanity during a difficult war. Don’t miss the photos on the last two pages – this is based on a true story!
Reading Level: Grades 4 & Up Carla E.

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