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Saint Louis Armstrong Beach (Genre - Realistic Fiction)
by Brenda Woods
A fast paced and gripping story about a boy, a dog, and the hurricane that devastated New Orleans. Set in the Tremé neighborhood of New Orleans, it begins the week leading up to Hurricane Katrina. We meet Saint Louis Armstrong Beach, a budding young clarinet player and his family, friends, and a community where the food, the music and the tempo of the city all come to life as the story unfolds. As you read, you will learn what the inhabitants of New Orleans faced as Katrina approached and took over the city. Find out firsthand how a boy and a dog survived.
Reading Level: Grades 4–7 Liz L.

Ava Tree and the Wishes Three (Genre - Realistic Fiction)
by Jeanne Betancourt
It's Ava Tree’s 8 th birthday and she is excited about her special Backward, Upside-Down, Inside-Out birthday party. Ava discovers, on her birthday, that she has wishing powers when she wishes that her pet rabbit “would use the toilet like a person” and it suddenly does. Ava then wonders if she can wish for anything she wants on her birthday and every day after that. It couldn’t hurt to try and eventually Ava learns to be careful of what she wishes for. A good read aloud book with short chapters and illustrations.
Reading Level: Grades 2 –4 San

Banjo of Destiny (Genre - Realistic Fiction)
by Cary Fagan
How could it be a bad thing to be a rich kid and have anything you want? But Jeremiah has to take piano, ballroom dancing, and all the other lessons his parents think will help him be high class. All Jeremiah wants is to be a regular kid and learn to play the banjo.
Reading Level: Grades 3 & Up Celeste

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