Good Reads for Kids from the Naperville Public Library

Ghosts in the Fog: The Untold Story of Alaska's WWII Invasion
by Samantha Seiple
During the time of World War II, did you know that Japanese soldiers occupied a section of American soil for months? Japan invaded part of Alaska just days after the bombing at Pearl Harbor, but the American public was kept in the dark in order to maintain secrecy and prevent panic. For years, American soldiers that fought in Alaska needed to keep quiet about their service. Now, those secrets are all in this book, and they are ready to be revealed. Due to intense content, this book is recommended only for older children.
Reading Level: Grades 5 & Up Amy S.

Sylvia & Aki (Historical Fiction)
by Winifred Conkling
This fascinating slice of World War II history is based on the true story of a friendship forged out of hard times. Before they ever crossed paths, Aki and Sylvia were forced into situations because of their ethnic heritage: Aki to a Japanese internment camp and Sylvia to a “Mexican school.” Grab this quick read to discover how the girls finally met, and how they achieved justice.
Reading Level: Grades 3–6 Carla E.

Titanic Sinks! (Non-Fiction)
by Barry Denenberg
The Titanic was the largest man-made moving object on earth when she set sail for New York in April, 1912. Her state- of-the-art technology was thought to make her “practically unsinkable." Yet, she sank in a matter of hours after hitting an iceberg. A mix of fact and fiction, including newspaper headlines, magazine articles and period photographs, is used to tell the story of the doomed ship. Read a minute-by-minute account of the Titanic’s last hours. Hear the chilling stories of the survivors told in their own words. In addition to many actual photographs of the Titanic, her crew and passengers, the book also contains source notes and a bibliography.
Reading Level: Grades 4 & Up Karen B.

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