New Wave Lax and Naperville Central Ship Equipment To Afghanistan

The Lacrosse itch is one that just never leaves us, whether we grow up to be doctors, teachers, businessmen or bankers, once you lax you never go back. The same goes for soldiers over seas. Tim Hurst, Head Coach for New Wave Lacrosse and for Naperville Central High School, and Paul Stolzer, director and founder of New Wave Lacrosse, put their heads and hearts together to share some lacrosse this winter to those who deserve it most.

One of coach Hurst's former players, Lt. Alex Carrier, is stationed in Afghanistan and had contacted coach Hurst to inform him that many of the soldiers in his company played lacrosse. Lt. Carrier thought it a great idea to get pickup lacrosse games going for his company.

They accepted donated lacrosse equipment from generous club and high school players to ship over to the troops in Afghanistan. With help from Naperville Central, New Wave Lacrosse, and the community, they found a way for the soldiers in Afghanistan to get to enjoy the sport they love.

At 1:00 PM on February 4th, over 60 people; players and parents, showed up at the post office on Ogden Ave to donate lacrosse equipment and other items to the soldiers. A joint effort between NCHS and New Wave, spearheaded by Tim Hurst, allowed the final means necessary to ship the massive amount of equipment over seas to Lt. Carrier and Company.

“This is a great event not only for the soldiers, but the lacrosse community.” - Paul Stolzer.

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