Kids Learn That Sharing is Caring

Imagine a group of children giving up their Halloween candy to share their precious bounty with our troops overseas. That’s just what dozens of children did this week, as part of a Sweet Swap sponsored by Naperville Dental Specialists and General Oral Health Care and Innovative Orthodontic Centers in Naperville and Plainfield.

“The kids were so excited!” said Patient Coordinator Kay Pore. “They came into our offices with their moms. As the children gave us their bags of Halloween candy, they’d smile and say, ‘These are for the troops!’” In return, staff would give the children a gift certificate for a kid’s meal at Boston Market and ask them to select a small toy from a basket.

By November 4, children had donated enough candy to fill five large plastic containers to the brim. Dental office staff took the candy to Naper Nuts and Sweets in downtown Naperville, and the popcorn and candy store will soon ship the Halloween treats to our troops in the Mideast. Naper Nuts and Sweets owner Dominique Martucci, who regularly sends boxes of caramel corn to our troops, was happy to include the children’s candy in her upcoming shipments.

“There is nothing that makes us feel more secure than to know that our younger generation is supporting our troops,” Martucci said enthusiastically. “They are building the morale overseas for our wonderful heroes. It lets them know that they are not forgotten.”

The Sweet Swap was the idea of Dr. Anthony LaVacca and Dr. Manal Ibrahim. “We had heard of another practice that was doing something like this, and we thought it would be fun to do,” explained Dr. LaVacca. “What an amazing thing it would be to give something to our troops who are fighting for our freedom. Also, it is good for the kids to learn to share and to care.” Then with a smile, the popular dentist added, “It’s also good for their teeth!”

Dr. Ibrahim added, “We are all very impressed with the number of kids who were willing to give away their candy. It’s a good reflection of this community – parents have taught them such good morals and good ethics.”

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