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St. Andrews G. & C.C. Driving Range Improvement

If you have visited the St. Andrews Driving Range, West Chicago, in the last few weeks, you may have been wondering what was going on. Due to 20 years of top dressing our west tee with sand, we felt that the hitting surface was no longer up to our high standards.

1. The west tee was becoming crowned in the middle due to more use in that spot. Also, a slight hill lie was forming on both ends.
2. The original design contained a downward slope in the middle of the west tee preventing us from using that area.
3. The west tee was becoming quite sandy on the top preventing a good divot and resulting in blowing sand on windy days.
4. Our sprinklers were becoming recessed below ground level and could not be raised again to the higher grade of the west tee. The west tee is now almost two feet higher than its original grade back in 1989.

Our first step was to kill the existing grass. Second, we grinded and mulched that top layer with a special machine. Third, we moved almost 2 feet of soil from the top half of the tee to the bottom half of the tee and had the entire west tee laser leveled. During this process, ouor mix of sand, soil, and peat mosswas mixed for a firmer top layer. Finally, for a faster recovery, we chose to sod the entire west tee.
We ask for patience in the spring. Mat hitting on the west tee will be available as we wait for the seams to fill, roots to take, and the gradual lowering of the tee height. Fortunately, our east tee will be available for grass hitting at our normal opening date for grass tees, on or around April 20th. And for those of you who want to practice year 'round, we also have mat hitting available in the off season.

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