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Raising Awareness about Rett Syndrome

The month of October is dedicated to raising awareness about Rett Syndrome, a neurological disorder that involves regressions that lead to loss of speech, purposeful use of hands, and mobility. This disorder affects one in 10,000 to 20,000 female births every year.

A family in Wheaton launched a campaign called "Cammy Can" in January 2011 when their daughter, Cameron Babiarz, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Since then this family has raised over $28,000 for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation and has sent Cammy around the world in the loving care of family and friends as a caricature that appears in their travel photos. In October, Cammy's mom, grandmothers, cousins, aunts, one uncle, and countless friends painted their toenails purple to raise awareness about this condition that challenges the families of over 200,000 women and girls.

Cammy may not be able to speak or move, but her expressions of love and courage have inspired many to use their gifts and talents to help others. More information about Cammy Can and Rett Syndrome are available at

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