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Patio Improvements to Enhance Outdoor Dining Experience and Special Events

Building on the high demand for outdoor dining at Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House, as well as the success of numerous special events at Main Street Promenade, construction will begin on Monday to make numerous improvements to the patio at the popular shopping center.

According to Dwight Yackley, president of BBM Incorporated, “We’ll be adding an ivy-covered curved wall between the dining area and alley to provide a more relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. We will also be moving our beautiful sculpture, Symbiotic Sojourn, about 20 feet closer to the diners. Jeff Adams, the sculptor, will take the sculpture back to his studio and modify it so the three figures can be viewed from all sides.” In addition, the renovated patio will have a pergola, landscaping, potted plants, and other special features.

“We’ve been talking about doing this for some time,” said Patrick Houlihan, managing partner of Hugo’s Frog Bar. “This will be wonderful for our diners. In the past, we were able to set only 10 or 12 tables on the patio, even though the demand was much greater. After the renovation is complete, we will be able to have about 25 tables. We’ll have plants, flower boxes, ivy. It is going to be gorgeous!” He added, “We are very excited about it. This will create a great dining experience.”

“The renovated patio will provide a better use of space,” explained Yackley. “That will allow us to do more special events at the Main Street Promenade. Our Halloween celebration, holiday tree lighting, choral groups, caroling, horse-drawn carriage rides, and other holiday events have been very successful and popular. These changes will allow us to do even more.”

Construction will begin on Monday, March 28, and will continue for about eight weeks. During construction, the center archway elevator to Main Street Promenade’s upper floors will be closed. However, elevators will be accessible at both the east end of the building on Main Street and the west end on Webster Street.

Downtown Naperville Gift Cards will still be available for purchase at the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce in suite 351, at Two Bostons, and at Heaven on Seven.

The renovated patio area was designed by Lombard architect Randy Pruyn. Sequoia General Contracting will do the construction work.

For more information about Main Street Promenade and construction updates, please visit This convenient locale offers a variety of popular shops, a restaurant, specialty services, and corporate suites.

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