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Fire Dept. recommended for international accreditation

The Naperville Fire Department has been recommended for international accreditation for the fourth time in 15 years, city officials announced Wednesday.

To receive the honor from the Center for Public Safety Excellence, the department had to complete a self assessment, create a strategic plan and risk hazard assessment and undergo a weeklong site review by fire service professionals.

“As a fire chief, integrating fire accreditation into every aspect of the Fire Department functions is something that I have always wanted the opportunity to implement,” Chief Mark Puknaitis said in a news release. “In doing so, the department is now poised to professionally move ahead with the appropriate organizational tools that will validate, support and measure service delivery to constantly assess our efforts in being the most responsive to the community we serve.”

Of the nearly 26,000 fire departments across the country, 143 non-military departments are accredited.

The recommendation for Naperville’s accreditation will be reviewed by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International in August. Accreditation is valid for five years.



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