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25 More Restaurant Gift Card Winners Announced

Here is the second group of 25 winners from the $5,000 TribLocal Restaurant Gift Card Giveaway. 50 more winners will be announced over the next two weeks, so enter today at

Week Two – Rebecca Freier, Glenda Topps, Philip Van Slooten, Sharon Sieg, Gina Mucha, Laura Raucci, Sue Cunningham, Donna Rangel, Larry Kucharik, Candi Casey, Vicky Hayes, Charlot Harstead, Lucy Howell, Janine Ovitt, Susan Friel, Claudia Sneets, Roy Rumaner, Jim Kren, Paul Hanna, Don Swanson, Dennis Patterson, Caryl Roberts, Louis A Hardwick Jr, Jack Jensen and Kimber Corn.

Enjoy a terrific meal in your neighborhood on TribLocal and

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