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First 25 Restaurant Gift Card Winners Announced

Here are the first 25 winners of the $5,000 TribLocal Restaurant Gift Card Giveaway. 75 more winners will be announced over the next three weeks, so enter today at

Week One – Vicky Hornik, Gordon Yee, Bernice Shanahan, Steve Sanderson, April Williams, Gloria Skozinski, Cathy Lutzke, Janice Olszowka, Alan Doo, John Bushman, William Robinson, Adrienne Ledbetter, Kerry L. Smith, Jerilyn Giwa, Roy Schroeder, Harvey Leva, Robert Cash, Tom Foley, Diane L. Hackett, Michelle Rivera, Jeff Gross, Daniel Weber, Wendy Pavlecic, Wayne Hilt, Joelle Pigors

Enjoy a terrific meal in your neighborhood on TribLocal and

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