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Keeping Teenagers Safe on the Internet

Keeping Teenagers Safe on the Internet

When: Friday, June 29, 2012 @ 7:00 PM

Where: Hendricksen Room, Second Floor of the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, 500 N. Dunton Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Teenagers: Bring your laptop computers, extension cords, six way power strips and your parents. ( This event is free! )

Parents and Grandparents:Bring your Teenagers


How to tell if your Internet Boyfriend / Girlfriend is lying to you
How to tell where your Internet friends are really from
The right way to meet an Internet friend in person
How to avoid Date Rape
The right way to break up with your boyfriend
Plus Many More!

Doors open @ 6:30 PM Meeting Adjourns about 9:00 PM

For more information contact:

Arlington Heights TEA Party

P O Box 2 – Arlington Heights, IL 60006-0002

Phone or Text: 224-585-9816


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