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Gymnastics Turns Therapy into Fun!

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With the school year coming to a close, so is therapy for many kids who rely on schools to provide it.
This summer is a great time for kids with special needs to try something fun and new called Gymnastics Therapy.
Your child will love jumping on the trampoline, playing in the foam pit, swinging on the rings and running through an obstacle course, never realizing its therapy.

"We're taking kids out of the office and into a gymnastics center, where they have so much fun, they don't even know its therapy", Rhonda Penzell, Founder of A Big Blast, said.

When Penzell started A Big Blast in 2010, the idea was to create an environment where kids could get all the benefits of traditional therapy, like developing muscle tone, muscle memory, bilateral coordination, strength, endurance, sports skills and confidence while having a blast doing it.

From a parent…
"We had Andrew at Monkey Joe's on Sunday. I was just amazed by how far his motor skills have come. Last year he wouldn't even look at those bounce house structures. We couldn't get him out of there on Sunday. He was a maniac–running, bouncing, crawling–his OT at Big Blast would have been so proud of him. I was almost crying at Monkey Joe's".

A Big Blast is in network with BCBS, and is scheduling summer hours in Lake Forest, Mundelein and Downers Grove.
For more information on Gymnastics Therapy, Buddy Martial Arts, Buddy Gymnastics and Fitness classes, contact them directly at or 847-650-8161.

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