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SWANCC: Business as Usual

The Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) recently hired a new executive director just months after the former executive director was charged with stealing nearly $1 million in taxpayers’ funds.

Despite the fact that hard-earned taxpayer dollars were allegedly stolen, SWANCC has not introduced comprehensive reforms to protect taxpayers while operating in a business as usual environment. A piecemeal approach to ensuring taxpayers won’t face further abuse will not suffice.

In an economic environment where governmental agencies are doing everything they can to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, SWANCC is operating like it’s business as usual, increasing costs and ignoring the need for protecting taxpayer funds.

Since no one else appears to be asking, we would like to know what SWANCC is doing to protect the millions of taxpayer dollars they charge each year from being stolen once again and disclose a responsible plan that gets fees in line with market rates.

Someone needs to be asking these questions because taxpayers deserve better.

Peggy Macenas
Midwest Regional Manager
National Solid Wastes Management Association

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