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  1. Corporations can stand up to 1) Big Government and 2) Big Unions.
    That’s why the communists (aka “OWS”) are behind this.

    Posted to Group pushes to limit corporate influence on elections - Naperville

  2. Once again, D203 reminds us that athletes are more important than musicians.

    Posted to Dist. 203 changes 2013 graduation date - Naperville

  3. But what about the poor? We Democrats don’t care if something is fiscally sound or not, it’s whether or not we can use it to gain votes!

    Posted to City planners: Downtown shuttle not ‘fiscally reasonable’ - Naperville

  4. I’d LOVE to know the real story behind his departure from 203 but I doubt that anyone is going to talk about it.

    Posted to Mitrovich lands finalist spot for Washington job - Naperville

  5. “The 95th Street extension project, which was first conceived more than two decades ago,”

    Anyone who bought AFTER that has zero ground on which to stand.

    Posted to Residents air concerns over 95th Street extension - Naperville

  6. It is unfair of local government to force taxpayers to pay for everything that sounds cool to do.

    Posted to Funding uncertain for environmental group - Glen Ellyn

  7. It takes a special kind of person who can tolerate dealing with powerful labor unions like those that control school districts.

    Posted to Interim superintendent to lead Dist. 203 - Naperville

  8. Google “Reginald and Jonathan Carr Wichita.”

    Posted to Naperville woman organizes ‘hoodie’ protest against racial profiling - Naperville

  9. It must be incredibly difficult to make progress with or to effectively lead a group that is predominalty union. The selfish and reasonable demands made by unions coupled with intensity and frequency of personal attacks they routinely make have to be very wearing on a person.

    Posted to Naperville D203 schools chief resigns - Naperville

  10. The City has done a very good job of informing people what is going on every step of the way and has given people plenty of opportunity to ask questions, raise issues, etc.. I’m very impressed.

    Posted to Naperville Smart Grid Initiative Neighborhood Open House Taking Place Wednesday, March 21 - Naperville