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Tinley Park High School chemistry teacher Lee Rucinski (left) and Oak Forest High School chemistry teacher Matt Spreadbury compare two beakers of solution as part of District 202's 4th Annual AP Summer Institute. Since the summer of 2009 District 202 has hosted special training institutes for educators on proper practices to teach Advanced Placement classes. This year, about 350 teachers from 13 states, the District of Columbia and two countries -- Guatemala and Korea -- participated. The 2012 AP Summer Institute was held at Plainfield East High School.

Summer Scientists

2012 AP Summer Institute held at Plainfield East High School. Read more ›

Aux Sable Middle School 6th grader Zach Panozzo performs the Heimlich Maneuver on Naperville Firefighter and EMT Jim Kubinski on February 14, 2012. Kubinski visited Aux Sable to teach 6th graders basic CPR and first aid as part of their health classes.

6th Grade CPR

Aux Sable Middle School 6th Grade CPR Read more ›

Renowned Viking Explorer "Leif Erikkson" -- actually, Wesmere Elementary School fifth grader Maxi Johnson -- told visitors to his class on November 11, 2011 how he discovered North America years before Columbus. Students in fifth grade teacher Tracy Hood's class did special presentations about an explorer of their choice, including preparing a display or power point, memorizing and presenting basic background information and dressing in costume for their presentation to visitors.

Exploring the World

Wesmere Elementary School "Explorer Day" Read more ›

Plainfield East High School freshman Jay Rawal (center) prepares to show Eichelberger Elementary School fifth graders Justin Pringle (left) and Nikki Cerdenia how to use a microscope during a visit to PEHS Science Department Chair Dave Jackson\'s freshman biology class on October 13, 2011. The fifth graders came to study microscopic organisms with their high school peers.

Microscopic Learning

Plainfield East High School and Eichelberger Elementary School biology class. Read more ›

Ira Jones Middle School students created a mural for the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy. Principal Dr. Ed Boswell said students made the mural by clipping and posting news items, photos and other images related to 9-11.

Wall of Memories

Ira Jones Middle School 9-11 mural Read more ›

Indian Trail Middle School 8th grade language arts teacher Peter Sartori posts some of the note cards, used to make a "quilt" to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy. Each card contained a saying or hand-drawn artwork reflecting the student's thoughts on the event. Each Indian Trail student made hand-decorated cards, and the quilt filled most of a wall in the gymnasium.

Making Memories…

Indian Trail Middle School 9-11 quilt Read more ›

Plainfield North High School 2011 graduates (from left) Katherine Travalik, Kayla Trusk, and Michelle Kelly painted a large mural specially for the new Firehouse #3 on 119th Street, near Plainfield North High School. The mural was painted over several months and was presented to Fire Department officials at a June 2, 2011 reception.

Painting on Fire

Plainfield North High School Fire Department Mural Read more ›

Charles Reed Elementary School fifth grade teacher Anne Kasa staples the final link joining the first and last links of a quarter mile-long paper chain that circled the entire school on June 6, 2011. Each link in the chain included a note about a time a student was nice to another, as part of the school's participation this year in the "Rachel's Challenge" program, which encourages children and adults to be nice to each other. Rachel Scott was the first person killed in the April 1999 Columbine shooting.

Chain of Hope

Charles Reed Elementary School — Chain of Hope event Read more ›

Lincoln Elementary School held its annual fourth grade "State Fair" on May 13, 2011. Students had to research a state, and then present their findings to visitors. Presentations included tri-fold table posters, power point presentations and other exhibits.

That's One Small Step for Man…

Lincoln Elementary School Fourth Grade State Fair Read more ›

Crystal Lawns Elementary School second grader Gavin Schryer shows the form of an NFL quarterback as he winds up to throw a pass on May 10, 2011, during Crystal Lawns' annual Track and Field Day. The event features numerous competitive activities designed to celebrate physical fitness.

He's Going Long!"

Crystal Lawns Elementary School "Track and Field Day" Read more ›