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Health and fitness
Thomas Esposito, MD, chief of trauma, Loyola University Health System, a resident of Burr Ridge, was appointed to the National Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council.

Buu Ridge Resident Appointed To National Advisory Council

The U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has appointed Burr Ridge resident, Thomas Esposito, MD, MPH, Chief of the Division of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care … Read more ›

Crime and police
Burr Ridge resident Thomas Esposito, chief, Loyola Level 1 trauma offers insight into Chicago's soaring violence problem.

Local Loyola Trauma Doc Says Violence A Disease

The Windy City is now The Wounded City, thanks to a spate of carnage that has Chicago ranked tops nationally in violence for several weeks … Read more ›

Free Loyola Bariatric Information Session

Free Loyola Bariatric Information Session

Free Loyola Bariatric Information Session

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  1. Check out the Gottlieb Allergy Count at http://www.GottliebHospital.org to see counts for grass, weeds, mold and tree pollens – this is Cottonwood tree blossom and the dandelion also releases white blossoms that often combine in the air to trigger reactions with allergy sufferers – and make everyone sneeze! Snow is preferable to pollen for many with allergies!

    Posted to 90 degrees and…snow?! - Oak Park & River Forest