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St. Mary's performance of Aladdin Jr. showcased the talents of 76 middle school students.

Aladdin Soars Into the Hearts of St. Mary’s Students

By Danny AlbertSt. Mary Student This year the St. Mary‚Äôs annual school play was Disney‚Äôs Aladdin Jr. The musical promised a stunning performance from its … Read more ›

St. Mary of Gostyn to host Annual ‚ÄúSt. Joseph‚Äôs Table‚ÄĚ on March 19

St. Mary will host its annual "St. Joseph's Table" on Monday, March 19. All are invited to enjoy this dinner, which is a traditional Catholic celebration.

St. Mary of Gostyn to host Annual ‚ÄúSt. Joseph‚Äôs Table‚ÄĚ on March 19

The tradition of the St. Joseph‚Äôs Table goes back to the Middle Ages. The people of southern Italy, suffering from an extended drought and famine, … Read more ›

St. Mary of Gostyn’s sixth grade B team captures the tournament championship. Team members include Tania Yunez, Kelly McSweeney, Maddy Greenaberg, Madison Kuratko, Fiona Murray, Isabella Malik, Gabby Rossi, and Reshma Kurian. St. Mary’s team is coached by Dennis McSweeney.

St. Mary Girls Basketball Tournament Grows and Provides Pre-Season Experience

by Mark Buh St. Mary of Gostyn school in Downers Grove hosted its 3rd annual girls basketball tournament in November. This tournament began on the … Read more ›

St. Mary middle school students performed Beauty & the Beast to rave reviews and sold-out shows.

St. Marys Students Perform Beauty & the Beast

By Genevieve KolarSt. Mary Seventh Grade Student St. Mary of Gostyn presented its annual spring musical, Beauty & the Beast Jr. last month. More than … Read more ›

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