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Suzanne Thibeault

I write a blog about downsizing:
The disposal of stuff: 1 thing every day for 500 days; the launching of a child; the evolution of expectations; and all the musings that go along with careening-- planned and very unplanned-- toward the next adventure, whatever it turns out to be.

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  1. Melanie, thanks for keeping the Walk front and center! Everyone, it’s always a blast, so hope to see you there this Sunday!!

    Posted to Don't snooze! Don't lose! Come to the Family Fun Walk at Naperville's Riverwalk Grand Pavilion Sunday, May 15. INFO: www.famhelpingfam.org - Naperville

  2. I can hardly wait to try Prasino’s now. I wouldn’t have known about this restaurant without your great review. And I’m gluten free, so thanks!

    Posted to Prasino's – Feel Good About Eating (Green) - St. Charles

  3. Thanks for this fun piece, Tara! I linked to it on my blog 500thingsproject.com. I can’t wait to check out your suggestions!

    Posted to Five Great … Locally-Owned Coffeehouses - Geneva

  4. @melaniemackin You’ve had a front row seat to my metaphor, Melanie. Thanks.

    Posted to Pause - Naperville

  5. Even when my son tries to have private conversations with his Grandmom, I loiter in the vicinity just wanting to catch a snippet of their joyful banter. Her side is slightly addled by a stroke, but her grandson never misses a word.

    Posted to Grandmother and Grandson: Who is Teaching Whom? - Naperville

  6. @resumayday We should have a secret sausage/arthritis commiseration handshake! Thanks again, Lauren.

    Posted to Go Ducks! - Naperville

  7. @resumayday I’m just seeing your comment, Lauren. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I’ve just posted another installment. I’d love to hear what you think!

    Posted to The Urgency of 500 Things - Naperville