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South Pointe Duels Breckenridge in the pool

On June 14, 2012 the South Pointe Sea stars hosted the Breakers of Breckenridge in a duel of the pool. The Sea stars bested the … Read more ›


South pointe Sea Stars take on Stillwater in the pool

On July 5, 2011, South Pointe Swim Club hosted Stillwater Swim club.Relays tied at 10 for each team.South Pointe had no triple wins for the … Read more ›


South Pointe hosts River Run in the pool

The South Pointe Sea Stars took on the Raptors of River Run at home Saturday morning.   The Raptors had four triple win swimmers including: Gia Dalesandro, … Read more ›


The South Pointe Swim Club Hosted Huntington Estates

Pouring rain, and wind did not dampen the spirits of the swimmers for South Pointe and Huntington Estates on Tuesday Evening, as they battled for … Read more ›


South Pointe and Tall Grass Deul in the Pool

The Sea Stars of South Pointe hosted the Lightning of Tall Grass in a chilly Tuesday night swim meet.  The kids barely noticed the colder … Read more ›


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