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  1. With the increasing rise in childhood obesity and the important of diet over anything else in keeping us healthy it is imperative we teach children about good foods at a young age

    Posted to Enter to win FREE tickets to the Good Food Festival on March 17. Ends Saturday 3/3/12 - Naperville

  2. @Hovawwart “Generalizing that the zoo has an anti-breastfeeding “policy” is probably a bit strong. Probably like saying the zoo has a “policy” of stupidity” – thank you for pointing this out.

    The problem was, there are signs posted about smoking policies, not feeding the animals, etc. but none regarding breastfeeding or where to find suitable accommodations. The Children’s Museums have specific signs spelling out their policies that nursing areas are provided for comfort, but women are invited to nurse anywhere. This is a completely transparent policy.

    My experience was that no-one knew the policy at the Membership Office, they called to complain and the same offending supervisor was sent to handle the situation, and nowhere was their policy printed. I have been to many other attractions that show clearly outlined mother/baby nursing signs for comfortable nursing areas, and specifically in print welcome women to nurse.

    You are right that I should not have expected the worst. But how strong is a company’s policy and efforts if even one employee harasses someone?

    Posted to Shock Over Brookfield Zoo’s Policy - Naperville

  3. Thanks everyone for your replies.
    @chelen – I wouldn’t worry if my children were in the presence of a nudist – there is nothing sexual about being nude or breastfeeding. There is a difference between bearing your breasts for beads, and discreetly nursing your child in public. As a woman I am a little ashamed to read your comments, I am not sure why women tend to bash each other. Would you like to eat your meal in a filthy bathroom? Have you ever been to the Zoo’s Bathroom?.

    Thanks to all of your replies and efforts, this article was forwarded to the CEO of the Zoo and he has contacted us. This was the action of one employee, not the Zoo itself thankfully.

    Posted to Shock Over Brookfield Zoo’s Policy - Naperville

  4. Hi all, for anyone who is interested I have created a Facebook group to band together and make sure Brookfield Zoo addresses this appropriately! The group is titled “Brookfield Zoo Nursing Protest”

    @SkyYogaStudio–I hope this is ok, please let me know if it is not!

    Posted to Shock Over Brookfield Zoo’s Policy - Naperville