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Sheila Raddatz

I'm an old soul with modern dreams. Making my mark on the world one letter at a time. Follow me during my "Old Skool" adventures with my kids.

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Free Pumpkins, Taffy Apples & More!

Community service
Picture courtesy of Walmartstores.com

What Happened to the Face of Walmart?

Walmart stores have changed America forever. Where else can you go 24 hours a day looking for a can of corn or an extension cord? … Read more ›

It's tax time!  How will you celebrate your refund?

W-2's, 1040's & 1098T's, Oh My!

Without a doubt, December is a very commotion filled and expensive month in my household. It seems every year, I deck the halls with new … Read more ›

Children and family

Lessons Learned in 2011

Not having the typical corporate job coupled with my overzealous approach to using auto date functions, I rarely write out dates anymore. In this process, … Read more ›

Credit Cards Can Protect Your Holiday Purchases, Too.  Photo Courtesy of Microsoft

Surprise! Charging Your Purchases Can Save You Money

In this tough economy, it is taboo to encourage credit card usage. I agree. Cash is KING, but credit card companies offer many benefits that … Read more ›

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  1. @bsymom247 Thank you for sharing!

    Posted to Where's the Beef? - Plainfield

  2. Joseph, I wrote about the fourth dimension in my article in the Plainfield Paper.


    Posted to Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World Film Review - Tinley Park

  3. I can only hope that Sprint follows, I am in roam all the time. If we drink from Lake Michigan, we should be able to have cell service.

    Posted to Plainfield Residents to Benefit from Verizon Wireless Network Enhancement - Plainfield

  4. Janet, care to share your platform? What makes you stand out of the others that have their hat in the ring? Curious to see what you have to offer….

    Posted to Plainfield businesswoman seeking state rep seat holding 1st fundraiser - Plainfield

  5. I am happy to hear that the child is getting help. What a way to start off a life….

    Posted to Mom charged after allegedly breaking son’s legs - Arlington Heights

  6. Isn’t the “celebration” a bit too early? I live in Plainfield near this mess. Opening all the lanes and celebrating a completion, only to close the lanes down to continue construction seems like an oxymoron.

    Posted to Route 59 construction over; businesses welcome back customers - Plainfield

  7. National Geographic watch out! Loved the pics!

    Posted to A nest of robins - Glenview

  8. @sheilaraddatz I hadn’t thought of that but I was disappointed at how quickly the cookie smell dissipated.

    Posted to Dashboard Cookies - Oak Park & River Forest

  9. @etoille No doubt. This young one thinks cash bounces and probably assumes credit is infaillible.

    As for carrying cash, I don’t carry much. In fact, one store clerk looked at me wierd when I was tickled that the penny was redesigned.

    Enjoy your day!

    Posted to Is Cash Still King? - Plainfield

  10. Luv it! Are you trying to sell your car? They say if you want to sell your home to bake cookies in it…..(bad joke, I know).

    Posted to Dashboard Cookies - Oak Park & River Forest