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Keith Tyo specializes in synthetic biology, engineering cells that can provide inexpensive diagnosis and treatment for disease. (Photo courtesy of Keith Tyo)

Science Connections: NU Engineer Reprograms Cells to Combat Malaria Worldwide

By Will Mendelson/Medill News Service Keith Tyo applies synthetic biology, genetically reprogramming cells, to combat global health crises such as malaria. Malaria strikes nearly 500 … Read more ›

Joni Alvarez says the Cancer Survivors' Celebration and Walk is a time to reflect on what she has overcome. (Photo courtesy of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center)

Science Connections: Taking Strides for Survival

By Bethany Hubbard/Science in Society This will mark Joni Alvarez’s 7th year of participating in the Cancer Survivors’ Celebration and Walk, an annual event organized … Read more ›

Monica Olvera de la Cruz has been elected a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (Photo courtesy of Monica Olvera de la Cruz)

Science Connections: Science Innovator Works to Turn Molecular Mysteries into Medical Applications

By Eric Eckstrom/Medill News Service When the president needs advice about questions in science, he often seeks out members of the National Academy of Sciences. … Read more ›

Dr. Boyd Metzger focuses on health and nutrition in pregnant women and unborn babies

Science Connections: Weight and High Blood Sugar During Pregnancy May Cause Risks for Baby

By Katie Dzwierzynski/Medill News Service Pregnant women who are even marginally overweight or with high blood sugar levels could face risks not only for themselves, … Read more ›

Dr. Thomas O'Halloran serves many roles at the Physical Sciences-Oncology Center (Katie Dzwierzynski/MEDILL)

Science Connections: NU Center at the Hub of Advancing Cancer Treatments

By Katie Dzwierzynski/Medill News Service Much as the nucleus serves as the brain of a cell, the Physical Sciences-Oncology Center is Northwestern University’s hub for … Read more ›


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