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Overflowing with possibilities

The You Seed: A Kid's Story

When I look at you I see a young seed that’s overflowing with potential and possibility. I see physical possibilities. I see mental possibilities. I … Read more ›

Health and fitness
Running for the sheer joy of running...

The Privilege and Pleasure of Walking and Running

When I was very young and still unable to walk, my mom and dad would prop me up, hold my hand, and relentlessly encourage me … Read more ›

Children and family
Kids naturally immuize themselves against obesity at Eco Gym

Local Kids Naturally Immunize Themselves Against Obesity at Eco Gym of Naperville

Over the past decade obesity has become a worldwide problem. In the United States alone the epidemic is costing this nation a cool $300 billion … Read more ›

Children and family
I find the potential of kids to be still worth believing in.

I Still Believe in Kids

My staunchly conservative, conventionally patriotic, right leaning brother from suburban Dallas challenged me by saying “So, what do you believe in? You don’t believe in … Read more ›

Children and family
The complications involved in making her completely happy.

Happy Valentines Day 2012: A Love Letter of Sorts

If I could make her completely happy, I’d be complete. But until I make her completely happy, I’ll remain short of the mark, and incomplete. … Read more ›

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