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You’ve won the prince, Kate, what’re you gonna do now?

The nonstop media attention focused on the upcoming wedding of William and Kate has reminded me of my girlhood dream of being a princess. Though … Read more › 1 comment

Children and family

Life balance: What is it, why is it important, how do you achieve it?

Recently, after hearing my grandson lament the lack of balance in a friend’s life because of what he thought was too heavy a school load, … Read more › 1 comment

Health and fitness

A little positive reinforcement goes a long way

There’s one in every crowd, goes the saying. Except in my case there were several – three smart-alecky teens that should have known the only … Read more ›

Home and garden

No bananas and only four apples

Once upon a time small grocery stores populated the neighborhood. They were unobtrusive and took up no more space than an SUV. There was one … Read more ›


What's up with Santa Claus?

We have to wonder why Santa gave Paris Hilton an early Christmas gift this year. The eternal socialite has just landed a reality show on … Read more ›


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  1. It looks as if the hummingbird posed for this photo, turning its best side to the camera. Thank you, Melanie, for capturing this little love for all of us to appreciate.

    Posted to Hummingbird posing - Naperville

  2. Absolutely charming, this Toes column; a balance of the imaginative and the factual. Love it.

    Posted to So I Looked It Up On The Internet… Toes - Naperville

  3. Thanks for the heads up. You did a great job boring down into what my post is really about. Love your take.

    Posted to Grandmother and Grandson: Who is Teaching Whom? - Naperville