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Lucy Lloyd

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Considers the years spent enduring the extremes of Midwestern weather at her sons' sporting events excellent training for sitting through village meetings. She writes about local topics in Downers Grove.

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Community service
Downers Grove firefighters Joel Main, center, and Rob Pekelder, right, present a check to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital's Jo Amick.

Firefighters Donate Time, Money To Help Local Cancer Patients

There's nothing quite like seeing a bunch of burly, rough-and-tumble firefighters dressed in pink and driving a big pink firetruck to make you smile. At … Read more ›

Children and family

Motherhood, Graduation, and Letting Go

Every year around this time, someone comes out with a study that tallies up the monetary worth of motherhood. But that's silly, I think, as … Read more ›

Downers Grove Village Manager David Fieldman

Downers Grove Pay Raise Inequality?

Attend enough village and school board meetings, and you'll learn that most of the discussions our elected officials have boil down to determining the answer … Read more ›


On progress or, some things never change

The other day I was talking with a friend and we were bemoaning, all these years later, the loss of Mochel's Hardware on Main Street … Read more ›


Downers Grove begins police union contract negotiations

The Village of Downers Grove has begun the process of negotiating a new contract with its police union members. The current three year contract, available … Read more ›

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  1. Credibility? Indeed.: Perhaps you missed my point, so Ill clarify it for you.

    My commentary wasnt about the role of media, or the value of a free and independent press. What reasonable person could argue the importance of the latter? Youre older than I am so you surely experienced it, but I certainly grew up on stories of Woodward and Bernstein and Watergate. If ever there was an example of a reporters- a journalists- dogged determination to uncover the truth, thats it.

    However, while the ideals of journalism and a free press havent changed, the manner of dissemination certainly has. The news, and how we as consumers receive it, has experienced a paradigm shift with the advent of the internet. You and I can get our news from a seeming infinite number of internet websites and news bloggers, with the broadest spectrum of viewpoints imaginable. Even traditional news outlets- such as the Chicago Tribune- have moved into this new era of newssharing, and it has had the effect of democratizing communication.

    With this explosion of news and information venues has come the need to, well, not so much redefine but reenvision what exactly it means to be a member of the press today. Even the National Press Club, that storied Washington DC institution, now allows bloggers to gain membership to its once far more exclusive club. Bloggers have broken many a news story and held our government and its public servants accountable for their decisions and actions the very definition which you used for press.

    Regardless, local- or national- public officials arent accountable to the press; they are accountable to the public. If an elected official never spoke with any member of the media than yes, I would take exception. But my point remains: no official is accountable to any *individual* member of the media or press, if you prefer. To suggest that only trained journalistshave the training and perspective to ask questions the citizenry may not have the time, expertise or inclination to ask is, in my opinion, quite dismissive of those citizens.

    It is, to come full circle, no doubt why so many citizens increasingly engage in that democratization of communication to which I earlier referred: they are interested, involved and full of questions. I have no doubt they- we- are very serious about getting the answers.

    Ill fall back on Professor Dalys definition, When we ask whether someone is a journalist, we may need to refine the question..The issue is not the job title but the activity. It doesnt matter whether one is a columnist for a local newspaper or a curious hockey mom or a political reporter for the New Republic. What matters is, indeed, ones responsibility and accountability to accurately and without bias report the news.

    And thats just what this journalist and blogger is trying to do.

    Lucy Lloyd

    Posted to On The Media: A Local Blogger’s Perspective - Downers Grove