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Melissa Haak, Little Lake County

Melissa Haak is mom to three and is the creator and editor of Little Lake County (www.littlelakecounty.com), where parents can go to be in the know of what to do and where to go in Lake County, IL.

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Children and family
Nibbles Play Cafe, Wheeling

A Play Space for both Parents and Kids

There are two small luxuries to a parents of young children. A hot cup of coffee and being able to finish a sentence without interruption. … Read more ›


Spend a Week Unplugged

How much time do you and your kids spend in front of a screen? If you’re like most American Families it’s probably a lot. According … Read more ›


All Aboard for Free Train fun!

My oldest child is a typical boy, and much like his dad he loves anything that goes. They both have a particular fondness for trains. … Read more ›

Photo Credit Tammy Wells

Freshen up Wardrobes with Spring Resale Events

Kids grow fast. It can feel like they have grown out of the seasons clothes before you've even gotten them all unpacked! As a mom … Read more ›

Magic Dave Performs at the 2011 event. Photo Credit Melissa Haak

Small School Big Fun

When you hear “Family Fun Day” for a school whose current enrollment is 50, you probably think, small, boring, only for current students. In the … Read more ›

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